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Steering Committee (SC)


The function of the SC is to discuss and adopt strategic and management decisions, about the focus of the work and the projects that are accepted. The SC can draft proposals for work. The SC consists of not more than five IRAB members, representing a balance of IRAB’s expertise.

SC members are elected in a GBA meeting. IRAB members can self-nominate or nominate other members. Membership in the SC will be for three years initially, with the option to be re-elected for three years after the first period. No SC committee member may serve for more than six consecutive years. The SC meets on a monthly basis. It will oversee and facilitate the communication between the  workings groups and with the SC. 

If the SC receives a request for a new project, the proposal will be circulated to all members of IRAB to seek input and expressions of interest. Decisions to accept a project will be made based on available expertise, capacity and resources, and according to the objectives of IRAB.


Petra Minnerop

Professor of International Law Durham law School, Durham University

Lindene Patton

Strategic Advisor EARTH AND WATER LAW, L.L.C

Friederike Otto

Senior Lecturer in Climate Science IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON